Learning Chinese
Doesn’t have to be painful

Most people think you have to spend countless hours copying words from a textbook, repeating the same phrases, and learning things that don’t feel relevant or useful…

We’re doing language classes differently

We are not the language police. We are not here to drill vocabulary and dictate your experience.

Our mission is to make language learning fun and rewarding and we do that by providing a judgment-free space where you can be creative and learn more that just vocabulary.

Because we know that learning Chinese can be an enjoyable experience, and we want that for all our students.


We Actually teach you how language learning works

It isn’t a 1:1 conversion game where you stick your ideas into your brain machine and the words pop out in a different language.

Because language is not robotic, and learners aren’t study robots.

Language is a dynamic human interaction, and real world communication rarely looks the way it does in a textbook or traditional classroom.

WE ARE all about teaching you how real humans speak, in real situations

You don’t have to spend hours memorising vocabulary for “at the airport” or “at the doctor” to be able to sit down with your neighbour over tea or chat with the clerk at your local store.

Once you ditch the phrasebook mentality, you can start to build a solid foundation and focus on the human connections and interactions that make language learning worthwhile.

We can help you set your goals based on who you want to be able to talk to, instead of focusing on arbitrary language benchmarks or vocabulary milestones.

It’s time to take

off your bucket list

Find the class that’s right for you!


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